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Singin' Around The Campfire

Give me some friends to sing with, I'll be here all night!

Camp Songs
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This is a community for sharing lyrics to summer camp songs, links to resources for camp songs, and other camp song and folk song related information.

Hopefully this community will help people to find words to camp songs they can't quite remember, learn and share new songs between camps, and keep old songs alive so they do not get forgotten.

When you are posting, please don't post songs that are obviously copyrighted and can be easily looked up in common references, or on the internet. (For example "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day or "Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver. In this case, just post the title, and directions to how to find it. Please do your best to avoid copyright violations. This can be tricky with folk songs, and camp songs, and many camp songs are of unknown origin. I just ask that you try, and do your best. Anything in violation of a known copyright may be removed, to protect our community!

But remember that folk songs, or songs passed on by teaching and writing down as camp songs often are, do change from place to place, and from singing to singing. This is how they work! And this community is created in the spirit of keeping songs like these alive. (As well as learning more about them).