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Singin' Around The Campfire [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Camp Songs

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Pray without ceasing.... [Jun. 10th, 2006|11:19 am]
Camp Songs

[Current Mood |worriedworried]

Please please please lift sweet Jacob and his family in your prayers today. Jacob has a rare cancer of the adrenal gland, called adrenalcortical carcinoma. He's 6 years old, and was diagnosed when he was just 3. He's been on a vent for quite some time now, and is in desperate need of a miracle. The strength and faith of his family are amazing. This is a quote from his mom's journal entry this morning:
"Jacob is dangerously teetering on the edge of that darn cliff and I’m not sure any of us can reach him to pull him back - no matter how long our chain of support is! However I realized today something very important. IF Jacob falls - he will be caught in the loving arms of Jesus and he will without a doubt be okay. In fact he will be better than okay - he will be absolutely PERFECT. He will no longer be sick with tubes sticking out all over and he will feel nothing but extreme JOY . . . Things we can not offer him on this earth."

Jacob's website is: http://www.caringbridge.org/fl/jacob I know his family is SO appreciative of the prayers and support!

Two other boys in desperate need of prayers today are: Jake and Will

(Cross posted everywhere!)
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needing some help again... [Mar. 19th, 2006|04:15 pm]
Camp Songs


hey ya'll!  i am trying to redo my council's songbook and need some help.  if any one would be willing to send me songs i would GREATLY appriciate it.  I got some things at one point last year but my computer ate it.  grr! but if you have songs and wouldn't mind sending them to me that would be great!!  they can be sent to camp_songbook_2005@yahoo.com   thanks in advance for your help!


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"Alleghany Blue"? [Feb. 20th, 2006|08:52 pm]
Camp Songs

[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

Hey, all. First post here, so hi and all that.

A friend is trying to find the words to a song she learned at Camp Rushford, which is a Department of Environmental Conservation camp. She remembers it being called "Alleghany Blue". The chorus goes something like, "round we go round..."

I know that it's vague, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Google's failed me so far with this task, so I thought I'd ask here. Thanks to anyone who can help!
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Bragging Rights... [Feb. 1st, 2006|12:24 pm]
Camp Songs

I came from Robbinswold!
I come from Robbinswold.
Go back to Robbinswold....
and turn the world around!

I come from ROBBINSWOLD!
Go back to ROBBINSWOLD and turn the world around!

If I don't go back, and somebody else does.....promise you'll take care of that beautiful place. :)
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totally 'on tarps!' [Jan. 14th, 2006|09:01 pm]
Camp Songs

[Current Mood |contentcamp happy]

So.....it IS in the middle of January, and camp just seems so far away.
*sigh* So, my name's Savvy! (yes, my name has the ! init--how chill is that?!) or you can call me savver, or savv, or savvy!licious--just not savage. grr. I am from Camp Robbinswold located on the shores of b-e-a-uuuutiful Hood Canal. hello.

So I'm in a bind--I'm not goin' back this upcoming summer and that is tre's sad, but I'm a little camp sick and I'm lookin' for some slow songs to make me happy and to sing while I look at some old pics.

Also to just say hi. :)

Ore the waters we have come
To join in gaiety
Here the Mts rise so high
and here the wind blows free

Ore the waters singing
Hear our laughter ringing
Echoes softly bringing back a melody...

Camp of royal beauty
Robbinswold, we salute thee
May we always know thy
Rugged majesty
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(no subject) [Nov. 3rd, 2005|01:53 am]
Camp Songs

I have heard a story somewhere that this song is specific to the camp I work at, that a group of girls wrote it as their intro skit a while back, so I'm just curious if anyone else has ever heard it:

I've got a daisy on my toe
It is not real, it does not grow
It's just a tattoo of a flower
So I look cute while taking a shower
It's on the 2nd toe of my left foot
It has no stem, it has no root
'cause it wouldn't look cute
I got a daisy on my toe
It is not real, it does not grow
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Completely and totally random. [Sep. 21st, 2005|02:12 pm]
Camp Songs
[Current Mood |crazyYAY]

I feel like posting a camp song, therefore, I do. This one was new to my camp this year, my CITs and I imported it from Camp Wind-in-the-Pines in Plymouth, MA after we visited there.

What's that I hear, up in the attic?
It is an elephant riding on a tricycle!
It is an elephant, so sleek and elegant,
With one trunk here, and one tail there.
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Looking for staff and campers from Camp Archbald in NEPA [Aug. 19th, 2005|10:09 am]
Camp Songs

[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

If you are a present or former friend of CA, there is now a Camp Archbald livejournal community at camp_archbald Please join!
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(no subject) [Aug. 11th, 2005|10:00 am]
Camp Songs

OK, so this isn't a song I learned at camp, but it's one I want to bring to camp, but I don't remember all the verses. It's a slower song, called the Skye Boat Song. Here's what I remember:

Speed, bonnie boat, like a bird on the wing,
'Onward' the sailors cry
Carry the lad that's born to be king
Over the sea to Skye.

Loud the wind howls, loud the waves roar,
Thunderclouds rend the air
Baffled our foes stand by the shore,
Follow they wiill not dare.

Though the waves leap, soft shall ye sleep,
Ocean's a royal bed.
Rocked in the deep, Flora will keep
Watch by your weary head.

Many's the lad fought on that day
well the claymore could wield
When the night came, silently lay
Dead on Culloden's Field.

Then here's where I get sketchy...

Mull was astern, Rum on the port, Eig on the starboad side
....? I don't remember the rest of this verse.

also there are a couple other lines that I don't remember where they fit in...
"Charlie will come again..."
"Glory of old, shone all around,
Where is that glory now?"

and something about men remaining faithful maybe? I don't remember the end verses. Can anyone help me out?
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(no subject) [Aug. 10th, 2005|09:18 am]
Camp Songs

This is a song that one of the 12 yr old girls in my unit taught the rest of our unit at camp this year:

I live in a teeny-weeny housey
I live beyond the 31st floor
I bring in a many many washies
Ruffles on the petticoats 10cents more.
I like a bow-wow better than a meow-meow
I like a little man and he likes a me.
Way down in Hong Kong pretty lady comes along
She takes my little man sad sad me
I go to Hong Kong, give that lady bong bong
Take back my little man happy happy me
Put him in my pocket safe as can be
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